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Free spins at online casinos

What kind of promotions do not suit online casinos in order to attract new users – deposit bonuses , no deposit bonuses , virtual loans and, finally, free spins. Free spins are one of the most popular ways to attract new customers, as they provide an opportunity to try out games (especially slots) and even win real money. Some lucky ones (or very smart players) manage to use free spins to win and withdraw real money without any deposits at all. However, free spins are somehow connected with certain conditions (they are different in different casinos), as a result of which it is very difficult to win decent money only on free spins – most likely, sooner or later, you will have to make a deposit.

How to get free spins

After registering at an online casino, it is worth looking at what promotions and bonuses there are for new players before starting to play slots for real money . Such promotions, as a rule, are held specifically for slot players, and the most popular bonus in this regard is free spins. Free spins, like any other bonuses, are divided into deposit and no deposit. When choosing one or another bonus, one should be guided, first of all, by the conditions that must be met when receiving it. Each bonus has a link to a page or document called “Terms and Conditions”, and this text must be read to the end.

Types of free spins

Deposit free spins are those that are given for a certain amount of the deposit. As a rule, such free spins have very strict wagering requirements, so before you get such a bonus, you should think about whether the game is worth the candle.

No deposit free spins are the most popular type of free spins. they can be obtained without investing a penny of money. No deposit free spins are given to all new users, they may also have wagering requirements, but they may not. Most often, to withdraw winnings from free spins, you will have to make a minimum deposit, but there are also online casinos where winnings can be withdrawn immediately, without any conditions and deposits – just a registered account in an online casino is enough. Most often, such bonuses are provided by casinos on the NetEnt platform , but remember that the conditions may change at any time.

Deposit bonus + free spins – a combined bonus consisting of a deposit bonus (for example, 100% up to $ 100) and a “package” of free spins (for example, a “package” of 100 free spins – 10 immediately, 20 after the first deposit of $ 20, another 30 after $ 30, and another 40 after the third deposit). These bonuses also have wagering conditions, so please read them carefully before claiming the bonus and then follow the progress of these conditions.

To deposit or not to deposit real money?

The most popular types of free spins are, of course, deposit and no deposit. If you choose deposit free spins, you will need to deposit funds first (the minimum deposit amount varies depending on the casino). To receive no deposit free spins, it will be enough to register on the casino website. Which free spins should you choose? The decision depends on the individual preferences of the player.

Wagering conditions

The main thing to look out for in the bonus terms and conditions is the wagering requirements. As a rule, they are expressed in the form of a coefficient by which the amount of the deposit is multiplied (for example, 25X means that it will be possible to wager and withdraw the bonus after the amount of bets exceeds the amount of the deposit by 25 times, and it does not matter if you place bets using your own funds or money won through free spins). If you withdraw funds before the wagering requirements are met, both the bonus and all winnings will be taken away from you. To clear the bonus as quickly as possible, you should make a minimum deposit (the amount set by each specific casino).

How to get more free spins

Free spins are given not only to new users. Many casinos have great promotions, in which a player can get 10 free spins on certain slots – this is how the casino promotes new games or simply attracts the player to make a deposit by playing free spins. Thus, we recommend that you follow the casino promotions calendar, and also do not neglect the newsletters, which often contain information about free spins. However, not everything is so simple here: in order to prove your interest, you will need to make at least one deposit (as a rule, from 10 to 50 dollars).

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