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Online Slots for Real Money

There is nothing better like playing slots from the comfort of your own home. Nothing.

I know. I have been gambling on the internet for a couple of years now. In addition, I have already been to Las Vegas several times.

Although I am a fan of all kinds of shows, fancy restaurants and a variety of games, I do not like smoky casino halls, rude tourists and unkempt staff at every corner. And besides, all these travels are quite expensive.

It is for this reason that I prefer to play from home, or from my tablet and phone on short trips. I like privacy, quietness and economy when playing slots for real money.

If you are like me, then I am sure that you will also enjoy playing slots on the Internet.

Playing online slots for money is almost no different from playing in land-based casinos. The only significant difference is that online slots are digitalized and can have three, five or even seven reels.

Are you ready to start?

Below you can find out more about how to play for real money, or simply go to one of the sites from this page. Each of these sites has been manually selected by our readers as the best sites for slot lovers.

Why you shouldn’t worry about security

One of the main concerns of people who have played little or no online gambling is security. Is my information safe? Is my money safe? Is online casino gaming fair?

I want to tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Casinos make a lot more money if they play fair – tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars a year. They spend tens of thousands on gambling licenses and regularly testing their software.

Of course, this does not mean that table scams never happen. This is not true.

However, there is a good way to avoid such casinos – it is, first of all, to register only with reliable sites. We publish our reviews precisely in order to help you with this.

You can also register in observer groups and forums. Casinomeister is a good start. This forum hosts a large number of players and marketers whose money is at stake in the gaming industry. If something went wrong, then you will surely find out about it on the pages of Casinomeister and will be able to minimize your losses.

Above all else, just trust your instincts. If the casino support service answers your questions indistinctly, and withdrawing money takes several weeks or even a couple of months, then it is better to put your money into the account of another site.

It will never be superfluous if you keep your bankroll on several different sites, just to minimize your chances of losing all your money in one fell swoop.

Slots at low or high stakes? It does not matter! There are slots on the internet for every budget

What I like about online slots is that there is a game for every budget. It doesn’t matter if you have $ 20 or $ 20,000, there is a good chance that you will find the game to your liking.

For low-limit players, there are slots from one cent per spin. In these games, you can stretch for a long time and a bankroll of $ 10 or $ 20. I like to play cheap games and bet on all lines in such a way that each spin costs me 20-50 cents. I usually manage to stretch my $ 20 bankroll for about half an hour of play if I’m not in a rush and I’m lucky enough.

But high-stakes players will also be able to find enough slot machines for themselves. The maximum bet in most casinos is $ 5 per line or $ 150 per spin. However, some allow you to bet more, we will definitely mention them in our reviews.

Play slots for real money, win real money in jackpots

It seems to me that a lot of people love the fact that they can play online slots for free. That’s right, you can really enjoy the mini-games and bonus rounds, even if you had money at stake.

But what is the main difference? You are missing out on an opportunity to win a big jackpot.

Obviously, you are not guaranteed to win big. Like most of us, you will win $ 1 here, 20 cents there, maybe even $ 35 in one spin.

However, when you play for real money, you give yourself a chance to win money that can change your life.

For example, Georgios M from Greece won around $ 8.62 million when he played the Mega Moolah slot machine at River Belle Casino in 2009. A year earlier, another player won 5.5 million on the same machine. The odds of hitting this jackpot are over a million to one.

Yes, the odds here are probably against us. But we might not have them if we preferred to play for free. Do you really want to pass up the opportunity to win hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars?

I do not think so. Therefore, choose to play for real money at one of the online casinos in our list and start today.

Real money start bonus

Bonuses are one of the constants of online gambling and, I must say, they are very popular among players because they give them numerous additional opportunities to win money. There are the same number of slot bonus types as for other casino games. One of them is the registration bonus that some casinos give to real money players who have started playing slots. The amount of this bonus will vary from casino to casino, but all casinos offer it solely to attract new players. It can double the size of your deposit or not depend on deposits at all.

There are also basic bonuses in slots, within which the player receives cash bonuses for certain actions that the site has chosen. From time to time, casinos offer seasonal bonuses that are meant to mark the season or holidays. They are not tied to specific dates and the player must independently monitor the appearance of new proposals. Basic slot bonuses can be issued by the casino at any time and they usually last for a limited amount of time.

Reload bonuses for slots are usually the fraction of a player’s deposit that the casino offers, but this applies to deposits after the first deposit. It is a strategy that helps the casino administration to bring players back to their site and keep the real money game running. There are also bonuses for referring friends, which players receive if their acquaintances come to the casino site on their recommendation. There are certain rules governing these bonuses. The player is obliged to follow these rules, because their non-observance can result in the disqualification of the bonus, despite the fact that your friends have registered, made a deposit and started the game.

Quick guide to deposits and withdrawals

Slots deposits and cashouts are no different from similar payment transactions in other real money casino games. The deposit can be made using any type of e-wallet or credit card. Most casinos that accept American players support payment via MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, e-wallets and bank transfers. The minimum deposit will usually be much less than in land-based slots, as the costs of running an online casino are significantly lower and players can enjoy higher payouts.

All winnings are credited to the client’s gaming account, and as soon as there is an amount above the minimum withdrawal limit, the player gets the opportunity to make a cashout using the same method that was used to make a deposit.

How we select the best online real money casinos

One of the main questions that you probably ask yourself as a slots player is security. Is your information safe? Is your money safe? Are you playing a fair game?
You can be sure that you have nothing to worry about. We carefully select and vet each real money casino before listing them on our site.

Here’s what we look for when evaluating the best online casinos:

Reliability and safety

We check the history of each real money casino by examining the operating company, the associated brands and the reliability of the licenses it owns. Payout security is a hallmark of a safe online casino that cares about its players, which is why we award points to sites for the reliability of banking operations around the world.


We only approve casinos with exceptional customer support. The more opportunities a player has to contact support, the better. 24/7 live chat and email support are a must, although other means of contact, such as telephone, are an advantage. We personally communicate with the support staff to understand how quickly they respond and how willing they are to help.

Wide range of games

real money casinos, the amount of gambling is important and we expect to see a wide variety of classic slot machines and video slots . While slots will always be our main love, we believe it is important that the casino has a good selection of table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. Video poker and a solid online casino are also essential on the home page of any good gambling site.

Bonuses and promotions

We only endorse real money casinos that spare welcome bonuses and weekly promotions. From free spins to game bonuses and any other type of reward. It is important for us that the bonus can be used by both players making small and large bets. When a casino offers deposit and no deposit bonuses, it is a sign that it is suitable for all players. The loyalty scheme and VIP club are also a welcome addition to any real money online casino, especially if they use unique offers that will keep the player from being disappointed.


A casino is rated for its payment methods , and any self-respecting site should offer a wide range of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods. We have made sure that all our real money casinos accept a large number of bank cards and work with a large number of e-wallets available to all players. We also see fast payouts as an advantage, along with low minimum deposit and withdrawal limits.

Frequently asked questions about real money games

Are real money games really safe? Are these games fair or does the casino add to the results?

The software used by the casino directly affects the level of security of the game. If a player plays at a reputable casino that uses stable software, then they don’t have to worry about security at all. The slot machines of these casinos have a random number generator, which ensures that each spin is unpredictable, random and impartial. RNG casinos are regularly audited by a respected independent auditor to ensure fair online gaming.

What if I need help … Who should I contact?

To be honest, online casino support is significantly better than land-based casinos. At the online casino, you will be provided with a personalized service and the opportunity to speak directly with a customer service representative. And it doesn’t matter what you want to talk about – the status of your bonus points or the nuances of one of the slot machines. Support operators are always aware of all the latest changes, new games and promotions, and, if desired, will inform you about them via e-mail. However, if you need urgent help, the support service will be available via live chat and by phone.

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