Edinburgh News Online – review

Edinburgh News Online – review Twitter https://twitter.com/LiamRudden/status/1086311766030610432

Sci-Fi Bulletin – Hainsley Lloyd-Bennett interview

Sci-Fi Bulletin – Hainsley Lloyd Bennett interview https://scifibulletin.com/us-tv/pennyworth-interview-hainsley-lloyd-bennett/ + Twitter https://twitter.com/scifibulletin/status/1088354254711078912

King of Crime cinema screenings begin 2nd November

King of Crime  From 2nd November King of Crime will showing for one week at the following independent cinemas: BOREHAMWOOD REEL – ROMFORD PREMIERE – BURLEY REEL – HULL REEL TIMES OF SCREENINGS COMING SOON

Jack Loy stars in Audi ads

Our own Jack Loy will be playing the hero Quentin in ‘Q8 Unleashed’. A five-episode film series launching Audi’s new Q8.

Francesca Louise White wins Best Actress Award in Beverly Hills 2018 Film Festival

Artemis ‘Women In Action’ Film Festival Beverly Hills 2018, winner of ‘Best Actress in a Short’ for ‘Dead Meet’.